'I chose Kibeo because I immediately had a good feeling about it. The teachers were very sweet and because I was immediately given a small tour, I could take a look at where our baby would end up. '

Peaceful environment

'Kibeo Merwedestraat is located in a quiet area. It is a beautiful location with cozy group rooms. The outdoor playground also appealed to us. A large sandpit and enough space to play. And in bad weather the children can play indoors with a ball pool and slide. Awesome!'

Price is 100% not too bad

'The website looks user-friendly and clear. I was very enthusiastic about the different types of care. The price is 100% better than expected, especially when you consider what you get with it. '

Faithful faces

'I think it is very important for my son that he has permanent teachers in the group every week and that is at Kibeo. When one of the staff members of his group is sick or free, there is a different familiar face for the children (and parents). '

Our son is learning a lot! 

'At Kibeo, the children learn a lot in a playful way. Children also learn a lot from games, books and craft activities; that is good preparation for primary school. I also think it is very important that our son learns to deal with other children. '

The most important thing I think is that our son is having such a good time at the daycare center. When he comes home he has always had a good day! We are therefore very satisfied with Kibeo!


Angela van der Heiden – mother of Thymo and Sanne