I could look at my stomach for hours when our little girl is rumbling around inside. And she does that a lot, so special. Floris can now also feel her. But unfortunately I don't have time to stare at my stomach for hours, because the work and everything beyond just continues.

For example, the past period was quite busy with all kinds of appointments regarding our pregnancy. We had a check-up with the midwife, (apparently they are coming towards the end more and more often) fortunately no details and we are both approved again.

I also had the intake interview with the maternity care. I did not worry about this beforehand, but the feeling that it would be a kind of 'control' was somewhere in the back of my mind. I thought they would go and see in a very practical way whether I already have all the necessary baby things at home and whether they would see what our house looks like. Fortunately it was anything but that and it was a very nice conversation in which I became a lot wiser again. This way I now know exactly what care I can expect from the maternity assistant. They also had a lot of handy tips, we now know when to call, where to get bed risers and that you should put a mattress protector on your mattress in case your water breaks in bed. And that we should not forget to put a mat on the car seat when we go to the hospital (to keep the car seat!).

The maternity package that was delivered last is a completely different story. Apart from a sweet crisp cloth and bath cape for the little one, I took a quick look at the rest and then put it away with the box and quickly. All those big sanitary napkins and stuff, I don't want to think about that just yet, brrr!

We also went to an information evening with a tour of the hospital. Floris must also know where to drive when the contractions have started. It was also very interesting and useful to do. Because especially with a first child you have no idea what things are like in such a hospital or what to expect! It is not only nice to know where to go, but it was also very practically told who is next to your bed to supervise the delivery. The possibilities in terms of pain relief have also been explained. There was also a man present who dared to make the comment “Why do you need that then? Childbirth hurts anyway, doesn't it? ”. Fortunately, the midwife immediately explained to this gentleman that it doesn't work that way.