Meanwhile, 5 weeks of my maternity leave have already passed. It is of course the intention that you make the last things in order for the little one and above all take a nice rest. Unfortunately, the latter is not my strongest point. The first two weeks I actually did too much, which made these weeks a bit too hard. Fortunately, I can now enjoy my leave. I am busy at home, do nice things with friends and I take my rest.

In recent weeks we have arranged and prepared the very last things for our little girl. For example, we have arranged our registered partnership. Yes, that sounds like last minute, but there was only now room for us at the town hall. We wanted to celebrate this for a little while longer with some family, friends and neighbors. That eventually became a barbecue for 80 people.

The room is also ready. After a long time of nagging (apparently everything has to be done immediately when you are pregnant), Floris has hung up the last boards and paintings. My hospital bag and the Maxi-Cosi are also ready. And to be honest, now that everything is ready and I am now 40 weeks pregnant, I am really ready and done with it.

I have nothing to complain about my pregnancy, I have never been bothered by anything, but that belly is getting in the way now anyway. Curious about the mobile person in my stomach, I can't wait to get her! Please be patient ..