Farewell to the teat

Last month Kaat turned 3 and I thought it was a bit of time to say goodbye to her teat or “tuttie” as she fondly calls him. Where we had already mentioned this in the previous period, we decided to make a date a week before her birthday. Kate fully agreed with me that 3-year-old children are already grown up and when I added that a pacifier was really no longer necessary, she agreed. Since we still have a sweet little niece of 1 year old, she didn't have to think long about what to do with her pacifier; he was for Noë! We counted down the days before her birthday and each time before going to sleep we mentioned what would happen to her pacifier on her birthday. When the day arrived, there were of course first presents, but soon Kate asked when she could give her pacifier away. In the afternoon the time had finally come and as proud as a peacock our big girl gave her pacifier away. Of course we had more than one pacifier, but I put this one away.

Good preparation is half the job
After a busy day full of parties, it was time to go to sleep, without a pacifier of course. But Kate thought differently about this, didn't she still have a pacifier? She accepted almost immediately that this was also gone and after a little grumbling she fell asleep. So you see: good preparation is half the battle! A few weeks have now passed and after a few restless evenings and nights, the pacifier is really no longer an issue. Kate is very proud and so are we!

The next step is to say goodbye to the diaper, but whether that will be such a success story?