"And ... is there any news yet?" From my mother, sisters, friends and even acquaintances from a distant past I get the same message almost every morning now that I have passed the planned deadline. Actually, this question makes me really, really grumpy. I would prefer to answer: “What are you thinking? That I've been here with a baby for 4 days, but just didn't tell anyone! IF THERE IS NEWS, YOU WILL HEAR IT! ”. But of course I'm not saying that. "No, everything is still quiet", is my standard answer. Two of 'the ladies' have already given birth, one of which was actually due 2 weeks after me. Not fair, I was number 2 on the list, it was my turn!

This morning I have an appointment with the midwife and after checking it appears that I have a depressing 0 cm dilation. So it does not seem that things have really progressed yet. Although, according to the midwife, that does not mean anything, because it could just start now. But if there is still no baby at 40 weeks and 7 days, I can go to the gynecologist. That agreement has already been made, but I hope with all my heart that this will not be necessary! And if there is news, you will hear it 😉