“We now have more than four years of experience with childcare at Kibeo. At the time, we chose Kibeo because friends of ours were satisfied with it. After an exploratory meeting we were also enthusiastic; it felt good, safe and familiar. That feeling stayed and became stronger when our daughter Arjanne went to the baby group when she was three months old. And then you don't switch or change when a second child arrives, so our youngest daughter Marinke also goes to Kibeo.

De Linge a logical choice

When our location on Dijkwelseweg closed, the choice for De Linge was made in no time. Our oldest would go to school there when she turned four and then it was easy that both children were at the same location on the daycare days and could play with each other. The transition to school would also be easy, because Kibeo and the school already work together a lot.

Our youngest daughter goes to the daycare center, but says she is also at school, she also already knows the teachers from groups 1 and 2. Thanks to the small team, the children know the teachers well, which makes it easy to get used to. The number of children is also small, so they get to know everyone very quickly. The out-of-school care children and daycare children play together and learn from each other.

The advantage of close cooperation

The cooperation between Kibeo and primary school De Linge was an important reason for us to go to this location of Kibeo. Parties such as Christmas, Sinterklaas and King's Day are celebrated together. But also when groups 1 and 2 play outside, the children of the daycare center are outside. For example, siblings can play together and younger and older children can learn from each other. The transition from day nursery to school is easy, because everyone is already at school and is involved.
Kibeo's activities are tailored to school activities. The conversations at home are therefore about the same subjects, despite a school-going child and a toddler.
In addition, it is useful that you can bring children of different ages to one location on daycare days.

The teachers of De Linge child center are professional, flexible, friendly and open to contact and communication. The cooperation between school and daycare is good for the children and makes a transition to school very easy. It is also very nice that the children can also play with their friends after school, even though they are not at home. ”

Anja and Raymon Sinke - parents of Arjanne and Marinke