“Our choice of childcare as a form of care has never been a point of discussion. I wanted to continue working after my pregnancies and as a supporter we need the grandfathers and grandmothers often enough for illness, extra holidays and study days. So we chose daycare when our oldest son was 4 months old. After the intake interview with Kibeo Dijkwelseweg, it immediately felt good. A friendly club of ladies that we gladly entrusted with the care of our little one. ”

All our boys in the same building

“At the start of Wiedewei Kapelle, we made the switch with our twins from Kibeo Dijkwelseweg. Because our oldest son was now at OBS De Moolhoek, which is located in the same building as Wiedewei, the switch was made easy for us. All boys in the same building, that is very efficient with pick-up and delivery.

Our twins spend 3 full days in the toddler group at Wiedewei. And our oldest son Sven uses the pre-school and after-school care at Wiedewei. ”

Boots on and go

The extra emphasis on going outside at Wiedewei is wonderful. Boots on and go! At the moment, the tendency is that children are increasingly indoors. Tablets, iPhones, social media are the order of the day. That is why it is nice that they play outside a lot at Wiedewei and do this together.

Happy with Wiedewei

“After almost a year at Wiedewei, we are very happy with this. You can't make Koen and Teun happier than playing outside, playing with sand and water and helping to take care of the plants. The dirtier, the better they think, I think, delicious!
We think it is important that our children really enjoy Wiedewei. Being green and becoming aware of everything that grows and blooms is fine. Our boys learn that milk comes from the cow and apples and pears grow on the trees. It seems so simple, but now when we cycle in our spare time, the boys at every orchard shout “apples and pears”, so they really learn something from it. And recently there were lambs at Wiedewei. Our boys couldn't be beat! In the evening it was explained again; “Lamb is a baby sheep”. And that for boys of 2.

In short, Wiedewei is a pleasant environment for the children. With a nice club of enthusiastic pedagogical employees who you can ask for anything and where everything can be discussed. ”

Annelies - mom of Sven, Koen and Teun