Your baby in safe hands

Your baby deserves the best care

Even when you are at work.

Are you looking for a safe and trusted place where your little one gets all the love and attention? Then come and have a look at Kibeo. Our small-scale, attractive groups are surrounded by tranquility. Our baby specialists work here; pedagogical employees who have followed a special baby training, so that they know exactly what your child needs. Within the nursery everything is aimed at making it as pleasant as possible for your baby. We discuss with you what your rhythm is at home and follow it as much as possible.

Through My Kibeo experience your day and you can read exactly whether your child has slept and eaten well.

In brief
  • Quiet, cozy baby groups in the daycare
  • Always a familiar face for your child
  • Activities tailored to what your little one can do
  • Open daily from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • You choose the package that suits you
  • You experience the day through the parent portal My Kibeo
  • When you register your baby you will receive an nice welcome gift for your baby!

What do you pay for the care of your baby?

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Your baby plays with other babies

In the baby group, your baby will receive the loving care and attention he or she needs. Your child can learn to crawl on soft rugs and he or she plays with other babies in the ground box. The first friends get to know your child at daycare. No matter how small your child is, children respond to each other, recognize each other and seek each other out.

The right incentives

We stimulate your baby's development with the right stimuli. We support the development of your child through small, playful and varied activities, such as looking in the mirror, crawling over the mat or reading aloud.

Your baby will develop more easily when he or she comes to daycare more often. It offers peace and stability. The pedagogical staff also get to know your child well, its needs and the development line. This allows them to better guide and stimulate your child in his or her development.


In a safe and clean environment

Safety is never an issue at Kibeo. That is why we choose, for example, to make trips to the location. Visit by the fire brigade during the week of safety, lambs to pet or we provide extra green playgrounds at our locations. Check out our Facebook page what we all do. At Kibeo it is so fun, varied and challenging that it is not necessary to go anywhere else.

All play and game materials (indoor and outdoor) are certified and of course we meet all the requirements of the law. All our branches have also been inspected by the GGD.


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Sleep safely

Your child must sleep as safely and comfortably as possible. We provide safe beds and bedding. We monitor when your child is sleeping. More and more often we see special wishes, such as swaddling. Swaddling can pose a risk, your child manages to turn and it is no longer possible to turn back. We want to avoid every possible risk. That is why we first try to develop a pleasant sleeping rhythm for your child by offering regularity and predictability.

Do you prefer it when your baby is swaddled? Then of course we want this to be done safely and only do this with the consent of a doctor. It goes without saying that we strictly ensure that the correct and safe method is applied. Our Safe Sleeping policy is based on the 'Model Protocol Safe sleeping in childcare and with childminders'. This has been developed by various expert organizations.

Only the best for your child

At Kibeo you can count on the experience and expertise of qualified pedagogical employees. Our own Kibeo Academy is there to keep everyone's knowledge up-to-date. From safety to nutrition, pedagogy and care: the Kibeo team members are always aware of the latest developments. In addition to their professional qualities, all our employees are genuinely involved with your child. Working with children is their passion; they are proud when they see how your child develops, makes friendships and has fun and they radiate it.

Read more about Kibeo's Baby Specialist 

Personal tour

Would you like to experience for yourself how nice our employees are and how nice our location is?

Stop by a Kibeo store near you or make an appointment for a tour, we would be happy to meet you and show you where your child might eat, play and sleep. And of course we answer all your questions.

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