Our little fidgety ass has been present in my belly for the last few days. In the beginning it felt like light trembling in my stomach. So it took a while before I finally figured out what that trembling actually meant (until the 20-week ultrasound, to be precise. Then I saw a big somersault of our little one on the screen every time I felt such a vibration). But the last few days I have started to feel real nudges. Especially when I'm in bed. This seems to be normal because during the day my movements rock the baby to sleep. And so the baby is awake when I am sitting still or when I am lying down. Unfortunately, you can't feel anything on the outside of my stomach, because I would love to let M. feel it, but I can't yet. He has been a bit on the sidelines so far. Apart from my changing mood, he actually doesn't notice much of 'our' pregnancy. While I am increasingly aware that I am never alone, really nice!