I'm on a date with my class friends. In other words, 'the ladies' as M. calls them. Now that our ZwangerTotaal course has ended, we want to see each other one more time before the baby boom erupts. In recent weeks we had almost daily contact with each other via a whatsapp group, but that is not the same as seeing each other live.
We meet at a terrace and are a true attraction for the other people on the terrace. Hilarity everywhere when one round belly after the other comes waggling (yes, the waddle pass has now been definitively used). Our order also stands out among all the beer and wine: 3 fresh mint tea, 2 red spatters and 1 diet coke. After almost 9 months, I still have no qualms about quitting alcohol. Everything for the baby!
We have a nice group and it is nice to chat with girls who go through the same thing. Of course we go through all the ailments (bad sleep, boxing babies, pain in the legs, little air, stomach acid, swollen ankles ... really, you can't imagine whether someone is bothered by it). We also extensively discuss all potential solutions (hugging a nursing pillow in bed, taking Rennie stomach tablets, leaning back on your plate on your stomach, etc.). But besides complaining, we can also have a nice chat and laugh together. I think I'm going to end up with some really nice friends about this. And was this my last outing before the baby arrived? I wait anxiously!