Sinds maandag 19 april is ook de BSO terug open voor reguliere opvang. We zijn blij dat we alle kinderen weer mogen opvangen, maar willen uiteraard wel dat dit op een veilige manier gebeurt. We hanteren diverse aanvullende (hygiëne)maatregelen, zodat we een zo veilig mogelijke omgeving creëren en behouden voor je kinderen, voor jou en voor onze medewerkers. Per vestiging is bekeken welke aanvullende maatregelen nodig zijn. Deze maatregelen zijn vastgelegd in de locatie-gebonden afspraken.

On this page you can read more information about shelter and the measures against the corona virus.

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More information about the coronavirus
RIVM website:

National government website:

Click here to read the information about the coronavirus in English

When can my child come to daycare?

Use the decision tree to determine whether your child can come to the daycare.

Children from 0 to 3 years old mogen naar de kinderopvang bij verkoudheidsklachten, als ze af en toe hoesten, of met astma of hooikoorts. Bij veel hoesten, koorts vanaf 38 graden Celsius en/of benauwdheid blijft je kind thuis.

Children 4 years and older stay at home if they have complaints that are consistent with corona. So also with mild complaints such as a cold.

Child has been in close contact with someone with corona 
A child who has been in close contact with someone with corona should stay at home and can get tested after day 5 after the last contact. Just as for adults, a distinction is now also made for children between 'close contacts' (category 2) and 'other contacts' (category 3). See also the explanation in the decision tree.

Someone in the household has complaints
If someone in your household has a fever (from 38 degrees Celsius) or shortness of breath and other complaints that are consistent with corona, your child will also stay at home.

Children with long-term or chronic cold complaints
When your child has chronic respiratory complaints such as hay fever or asthma, you as a parent will recognize these complaints. Your child may come to the daycare if he or she has recognizable complaints that are associated with this condition. Pay attention to the following matters:

  • Are the complaints part of the chronic condition and does your child have these complaints more often? Discuss this with the pedagogical employee. If she also acknowledges the complaints, your child can come to the location.
  • We ask you to be vigilant: are the complaints changing? Keep your child at home or pick up your child from the location when the pedagogical employee asks. We ask you not to take any risks in this. Your child stays at home until the new complaints have disappeared for at least 24 hours.

Childcare after traveling 
A child who returns from an orange or red area must stay at home, get tested as soon as possible and follow the quarantine guidelines that come with the travel advice. View on for the current overview of the orange and red areas.

For more information about the corona virus and travel advice, see the website of the national government.

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Costs for childcare during the closure

Inmiddels is er duidelijkheid over de vergoeding van je opvangkosten vanuit de overheid. Net als bij de sluiting in het voorjaar 2020 wordt er in de tegemoetkoming onderscheid gemaakt tussen 3 groepen. Al deze groepen ontvangen een tegemoetkoming:

Parents who receive childcare allowance
Do you receive childcare allowance? In that case, the government pays the portion up to the maximum hourly rate to be reimbursed by the tax authorities during the closure of the childcare. This applies to Daycare and BSO. On the website of the SVB you can read more about this here. This compensation and the calculation are done outside of Kibeo, we as childcare center have no influence on this and we cannot change anything in this data.

Parents who do not receive a childcare allowance and who pay a monthly parental contribution
Ontvang je geen kinderopvangtoeslag, maar betaal je een inkomensafhankelijke ouderbijdrage? Dan heb je via Kibeo een vergoeding ontvangen voor je opvangkosten.

Parents who use childcare without government compensation
Ook indien je geen kinderopvangtoeslag ontvangt, kom je in aanmerking voor een vergoeding van je opvangkosten tijdens de sluiting. Deze moet je zelf aanvragen bij de SVB, kijk op de website of the SVB voor meer informatie.

On the website of the national government you can also read more information about the allowances for the costs of childcare.

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Can I request a tour of a location?

We verwelkomen je graag voor een rondleiding op de vestiging van je keuze. Vanaf 1 juli is ook een fysieke rondleiding op de vestiging weer mogelijk. Vanwege het coronavirus zijn wij genoodzaakt extra (hygiëne)maatregelen in acht te nemen voor het geven van rondleidingen, zodat we een zo veilig mogelijke omgeving creëren voor jou, de kinderen en voor onze medewerkers. We vragen hiervoor je begrip.

  • We plannen rondleidingen ‘s avonds of na openingstijd in, wanneer er geen andere volwassenen aanwezig zijn.
  • Upon arrival we ask you to disinfect your hands.
  • We don't shake hands.
  • We keep 1.5 meters apart during the entire tour.
  • If you suffer from complaints such as a cold, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath or fever, we cannot offer a tour.
  • Je kunt ook altijd kiezen voor een digitale rondleiding.

Request a tour

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Information about (precautionary) measures

What do you do in case of contamination on the site?
In the event of an infected employee or a child who goes to our shelter, we follow the guidelines and regulations of the national government, the GGD and the RIVM.
It sometimes takes a few days before a test result is known and in addition, a positive test also takes time before the source and contact investigation (BCO) is carried out.
Only when the information is complete, an advice can be drawn up and we can inform the parents and employees concerned about this. This can sometimes take several days. However, you can trust us to do our best to keep you as a parent informed about all developments as soon as possible.

What rules apply to your employees?
Our employees are also not allowed to work at the location if they have complaints such as a sore throat, cough, cold or fever, or if someone in their family has a fever (from 38 degrees) or shortness of breath and other complaints that fit with corona and is not yet a negative test result.

We ask our employees not to travel to countries and areas characterized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as 'no travel' and 'only necessary travel'. If they do, they will work at home on their return during the quarantine period.

What measures do you take?
We want to prevent further spread of viruses in childcare. That is why, even more than usual, we apply good hygiene measures and teach the children these habits.

  • We regularly inform all employees at the branches and the Central Office about important measures concerning hygiene and health. We also learn this habit in children.
  • We regularly wash our hands with soap and water. In any case, after a visit to the toilet, after playing outside and before eating.
  • We dry our hands with disposable towels. We also learn this habit in children.
  • We cough and sneeze into the inside of our elbow or into a paper handkerchief. We throw away the paper handkerchiefs after use. We also learn this habit in children.
  • We ensure a good indoor climate: we ventilate and air the living and sleeping areas.
  • We don't shake hands.
  • Adults keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.
  • Ouders betreden de groepsruimtes niet, de overdracht vindt waar mogelijk buiten plaats.
  • Alle externe bezoekers dragen een mondkapje als ze de vestiging betreden.
  • We keep a distance of 1.5 meters as much as possible between children from the age of 4 and pedagogical staff.
  • Additional measures have been drawn up for each location for bringing and collecting the children, possible walking routes and the transfer between parent and pedagogical staff member.
  • There is one at each location door poster that reminds parents, children and employees of the additional hygiene measures.

At Kibeo there are various policy documents and work instructions that have to do with hygiene and health at our locations. We are now bringing this to the attention of our colleagues.

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My question is not listed

If your question is about the coronavirus in general, look up the RIVM website or call the information number of the National Government: 0800-1351.
If your question is about how Kibeo acts with regard to the corona virus, you can always contact the Customer Relations department via or 0113 760 250.

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