Due to the corona crisis, we have already been on the road for several weeks of working from home with the whole family. In the beginning it took some getting used to, but creating their own place in the house for everyone and introducing a fixed daily routine went fine.

It usually went well between the girls. Of course there was a discussion or argument from time to time. Then it was high time to take a walk or enter some quality time by playing games or reading books.

The girls enjoyed their schoolwork thanks to the efforts of their teachers. In addition to the subject matter, they have also learned a lot of other skills. This way they can get in touch with classmates in many ways, learn to type better and wait their turn very well, because… talking through each other in a digital conversation is not a good idea!

Last Sunday we also celebrated a real corona test birthday party, Jet turned 10! She was very sad beforehand because we couldn't have a big party, but what a great day we made it! At the request of Jet himself, we started the day with a gift trail. She had to carry out all kinds of fun assignments for a number of small gifts. She then handed out treats from the front garden and some visitors took turns in the backyard. With a little creativity you can make it a very nice day!

And then it was suddenly May holiday ...

How should we organize everything and especially what can we do to combat boredom? The girls are ready for 'just doing nothing'. In the coming days we will see which activities we can do. Fortunately, there are many tips on the internet from which we can choose something nice!

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