I would like to prepare a little more for the delivery than just reading in. On the internet I find out that the range of courses is really very diverse. Pregnancy yoga, Mindful pregnancy course, pregnancy hypnosis, really, a new world is opening up for me. Ultimately, I opt for a Zwanger Totaal course, a nice practical course of 5 evenings with an emphasis on exercise. Mensendieck for pregnant women.

For the first meeting I step into the room in sweatpants with a towel under my arm a bit nervous. To almost bump into an old high school classmate who was due almost at the same time as me. Cozy!

We are pregnant with 6 in total, 5 of which are pregnant for the first time. You must introduce yourself briefly and also tell what is bothering you. Fortunately, I seem to be not the only one who sleeps badly and has lower back problems. Incidentally, it turns out to be not my lower back, but my pelvis. While we sit on giant gym balls, we do all kinds of exercises. In the meantime, all kinds of tips are given on how best to stand, sit, lie down, lift, etc. I come home with such a full head that I can hardly sleep. But it is certainly useful, and actually fun too!