Hello Sinterklaasje… welcome Christmas tree!

Three wonderful weeks full of expectation are over, we enjoyed it again! The girls are very spoiled and together we enjoyed pleasant moments. Baking gingerbread cookies, making surprises and poems and of course we have unwrapped many presents.

I personally find it exciting every year to choose the most suitable gifts from those endless wish lists. Secretly, it always turns out to be more presents than planned, of course, but choices also have to be made. Fortunately this year my fear was not justified, the ladies were over the moon with everything they had received.

For Fien, her gift was a bull's eye! Where she normally has to be dragged out of bed at a quarter past seven, she is now doing gymnastics every morning on her exercise bar. Thank you, Sinterklaasje!

Jet saw this year also a great advantage for us as parents to the Sinterklaas party. She told me that the Sinterklaas party was really much nicer for us than a birthday. To which I indicated that I like both parties. "But at least this doesn't cost you anything at all!" Was her smart answer. Of course Jet had a point there;)!

Fien and Jet switched again very easily after Pakjesavond; Saint Nicholas is on the boat to Spain and we are heading for Christmas. This is of course a lot more difficult for our toddler. If you are not paying attention, you still sing Sinterklaas songs at Easter (quite fun, but not really my thing). At the nursery school the teachers said that they were going to put up the Christmas tree immediately after Sinterklaas, then the saint is “forgotten” again. This seemed like a good tip, so on December 6 I went to choose a Christmas tree together with Kaat. It worked! All afternoon she was full of the tree we chose. Once he got inside she wanted to decorate him immediately. I did not hear her about Saint Nicholas that afternoon and when I put her to bed, she wanted to read a story about a Christmas tree. I say mission accomplished.