For weeks Jaimy has been telling us that he is almost four years old and that he will then go to primary school. No matter how well he is having fun with us, he can't wait to be 'big'. Primary school is often a magical word for (almost) 4-year-olds. It's fun, new, interesting and exciting at the same time.

Through the Victor de Verkenner group, Jaimy has already got used to teacher Judith from group 1 a few times. It went very well and he kept coming back enthusiastically. Then the time has finally come; his last day with us. We celebrate his birthday, cuddle him for a while and wish him a lot of fun at primary school. We're going to miss him.

The nice thing about working at a child center is that you have a lot of contact with the school, in our case public primary school the Tweemaster. Because of this we still see the children and their parents regularly. Already after one of Jaimy's first days at school we meet his mother. He is doing very well, but that morning he was very sad. "I want to go back to Miss Regina and Miss Jeannette!" he had cried, sobbing. A little later we see him playing in the schoolyard with a big smile on his face.

Small children like to be big. And when they are big, they want to be small every now and then. We recently ran into Jaimy again. When we asked how it was at school he said: “Very nice! But when I am sixteen I will come back to you! ”