The Maatjes Kinderopvang will be Kibeo from January 1, 2022. The current branches will remain open. Here the children continue to play and discover with their friends, together with the well-known pedagogical staff. This is how we keep the nice, trusted reception!

Kibeo and De Maatjes: many similarities in mission and vision
Kibeo and De Maatjes have many similarities in mission and vision and attach great importance to cooperation with primary schools and other child-oriented facilities. By collaborating with Kibeo, we can continue to offer the right care and invest in the quality of childcare and continue to work on IKC development.

Name of branches
One of the visible changes are the names of the branches. The names are linked to the name of the school as much as possible, because of the collaboration with the school. We are working towards Integral Child Centers where childcare and education are well aligned.

New name location Hinkelenoord 14: Kibeo the Creek Bergen op Zoom
This location will be a Kibeo location for toddler care and BSO. Toddlers can develop in a cozy and familiar environment. School children are stimulated to discover their talents in a playful way after school.

New location name Everas 3: Wiedewei Bergen op Zoom
This location will be a Wiedewei location. A beautiful green play and learning environment for children from 0 to 4 years. Next year we will build a beautiful outdoor area. Wiedewei is a green childcare organization and part of Kibeo. Being outside, enjoying greenery and discovering nature in a playful way; Wiedewei stands for that. Children go out every day to explore, play with natural materials and learn about everything that grows and blooms in nature. Want to know more about Wiedewei? Take a look at

No day is the same at Kibeo
Together with friends, your child always has something to see, discover or do at Kibeo. Go on an adventure together in the garden. Play indoors in challenging corners, or while he or she is still small, learn to crawl on soft rugs. Your child's development is also stimulated by fun, educational activities, such as reading aloud or singing songs. Your schoolchild can wake up quietly with us in the morning and play with friends in the afternoon, organize activities, play theater or relax with a book on the couch.

You are always welcome to visit us to see if Kibeo suits you and your child. Or make an appointment for one guided tour. We would like to meet you.

Questions or more information
Our customer advisors are also available to answer all your questions. Send an e-mail to, call us at (0113) 760 250 or use the chat function on our website.