At the end of September the time had already arrived, a letter from school; the school photographer comes to visit. Brothers and sisters who are not yet at school were also allowed to have their picture taken. Nice, then the 3 girls can have a picture together!

I had to go to school myself, so we looked at (o) ma as sweetly. No problem! That is one less worry ... but now! What are the ladies wearing for the picture? I think it should match a bit, but you already understand, the girls think differently. Eventually we got out and all outfits were neatly ready for the next day. So far nothing wrong.

In the evening we just set the alarm at 7 o'clock and there it went wrong… braiding hair on three ladies - very tight because they only have to be photographed after school - takes 'a little' longer than the normal morning ritual. After some grumbling and light stress, it worked and everyone still gets to school on time. Let's hope they still look like this at three o'clock.

I heard from my mother that the photos were fine and the girls were also satisfied. And now the result is there ... what a beautiful picture of our girls! And of course those tight braids weren't that important at all afterwards… it's about those glowing heads! What top photos again this time.

And then the next day… Jet gets out of bed a bit carefully. Before going to sleep she played in her bed with Bunchems *, see the pictures for the result… oops!








At that moment I was relieved: the school photographer has already come.

* if you don't know what Bunchems are, just google 'Bunchems in her' for fun and you'll never forget it!