Some time ago I went with Kaat for the last time (for the time being) to the clinic where, among other things, an eye test was done.
Kaat was wearing “pirate glasses” in which she had to name pictures with one eye that kept getting smaller. She just couldn't see the little pictures. But I doubted her commitment a bit, it seemed as if she didn't feel like it. The advice was to come back six months later.

In February we went again and again she stayed on the same line, despite her best efforts. On the advice of the doctor we made an appointment with the ophthalmologist where we could go on a Monday in April. Several tests were done again and it turned out that Kate really does need glasses.

Fortunately she was very tough and she only found it a bit exciting and fun to be able to choose glasses.
So immediately on Wednesday afternoon to the city, where we all chose nice glasses. With Frozen figures on it, on the inside of the legs, I thought that was so beautiful myself😉

On Friday we were allowed to pick up the glasses and suddenly we had a daughter with glasses within a week! Kate was especially happy with the Frozen glasses case that came with it.

The first week it took some getting used to and the legs had to be adjusted one more time. But she did put it on herself.
The second week I noticed that she picked it up less and less often and therefore had little on it.
I asked her to put on the glasses every now and then, but didn't want to push, after all, she shouldn't dislike those glasses.

Last Saturday I stood by the line during Jet's football game and told other parents. A father with glasses wearing daughters gave the tip to be clear: she has glasses and they belong on her nose. Then she will get used to it the fastest and you will not lose it ...

Of course there was something in it! Now after three days I can see that I have to tell her to put them on or find the glasses much less often. So you see again that clearly this is also very pleasant for children!