I am the type that likes to be prepared. When M. and I go on vacation, I act as a travel guide because I have memorized both the route and all the sights in advance. Nothing is missing in our suitcases because I have extensively researched what we might need at our destination. I search everything out via the internet. So in my pregnancy I do exactly the same. I make a short list of what I have to arrange. A list on paper, of course, so that you can cross out when something is done. Deleting in a digital list does not give the same satisfaction, but that aside. It started with practical things such as buying baby items (check), applying for maternity care (check), recognition of an unborn child (terrible term, check) and selecting a birth announcement (still a to-do, now with a higher priority). The more I read on the internet, the longer my list gets. I really hadn't thought of certain things or put my head in the sand. So giving up breastfeeding course (check), giving up pregnancy course (check) and arranging childcare (this is still a to-do and a case of ostrich. I still haven't thought about who will look after our little bum on my working days).
And so there are a number of points that are on my list. In the meantime I have also become a walking pregnancy encyclopedia, who knows exactly what takes place at which stage of the pregnancy. And I like to bother M. with such facts. “Dear, did you know that we are now in the third trimester and the baby is already about 35 cm long and already weighs 900 grams and if the baby is born now, the survival rate is already 81%?” I have the impression that it goes in one ear and out the other. As long as he knows that the baby and me are fine, then he's fine. He knows he can leave it to me to take care of it.