It finally happened, we have a vegetable garden! Kate is completely delighted and she can't wait until we can start harvesting.

There was quite a bit beforehand. In recent years, Pip, our French lop, has been running loose in the garden. And yes, a vegetable garden is not really an option. We tried some in 1 meter high containers, but he just jumped on and ate the container. To be able to put some greenery in our garden, Pip now has a nice country house and we have a vegetable garden (small).

In the evening the tomatoes, strawberries and broccoli were put in the new vegetable garden. The morning after, Kaat could already see that it has grown, very handsome! I myself am very curious if it will be a success, because I doubt whether we were on time with the transplant. We shall see..

It's nice to see that Kaat has become so much more interested in everything that blooms and grows in recent weeks. For example, we recently cycled along the fields and she wanted to know what was in each field. After half an hour of cycling she recognized the different crops and could tell what was growing, such as grain, potatoes, onions, corn and sugar beets. Later it turned out, during a ride in the car, that she had saved this properly. She told everything in detail to her big sisters.

That Kaat makes fruit and vegetables more beautiful than they actually are, became clear later in the supermarket. She saw a box of green tea with cranberry and asked me if this was Paradise tea. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well these are paradises, aren't they?" She said, pointing to the cranberries. I had to think for a moment and then I laughed. They weren't pa radishes, but cranberries. They look like it!