Being honest is a topic that regularly recurs in our family. Both in the form of not always being fair, so lying. But also in the fact that something is not distributed fairly.

The first, of course, is something your children teaches; be honest. By setting a good example yourself and pointing out when they are not being honest. The question "how would you feel about this yourself?" is often an eye-opener with which I try to make the girls think. In the hope that they will eventually do this themselves.

I find the other form of honesty more difficult to explain. After all, life isn't always fair.
Jet, in particular, has a handful of things to remember and to add up, only to conclude that she has been deprived ... Which is logical, because we teach her (and all other young children) to always share fairly. Quite difficult if that does not always turn out to be the case in the 'big bad world'.
Here too we try to talk to her about this. We tell her what she has and what she can do and that this is not the case for everyone. With that we show her that she is not in such a bad way. She will accept that… until the next time it happens again😉

ps The stones in the photo were found together and then distributed fairly. Sometimes it goes without saying!