“Timo has recently started going to school, so he is now going to after-school care. Before that, he went to the toddler group, where he always enjoyed it immensely. Our daughter Rosa is now in the baby group of the nursery. At the time I was looking for a babysitter with personal attention for my children. My first preference was for a childminder. For practical reasons I ended up at the daycare center. And I wouldn't want it any other way! ”

My children develop in a safe environment

“It is important to me that my children can play together with other children from an early age. At the reception there is clarity, structure, personal attention and there are many group activities. There is a smooth flow from the baby-toddler group to the toddler group and finally to kindergarten. That means that my children can develop in a safe environment.
I especially like the personal attention of the pedagogical staff for my children! They are flexible and think along with changes. And after a day of care you can read the report in the parent app, which is very handy. The people of the 'office team' are also very friendly and always easily accessible. ”

Reception with a Christian vision of life

“I consciously chose a shelter with a Christian vision of life. So that this is passed on to the children from an early age. I like that the babysitter matches the habits of home. ”

About Kibeo Van Der Biltlaan

“Kibeo Van Der Biltlaan is a small-scale reception center with personal attention, good hygiene, an enthusiastic team and healthy food and drinks. Fun activities are organized at the out-of-school care (such as face painting). I especially like that the children can relax after a long day at school. ”