Earlier I wrote about the struggles surrounding dinner at our Jet.
Until the beginning of this week I thought I really needed a different topic for my next blog, because there was really no progress. But this suddenly changed last night. Read why below!

The agreement was that Jet and I would make a recipe book together with a wide choice of recipes that she likes and that are healthy and varied. I have to be honest; I put this off a bit because I dreaded doing this to her. Not handy, because this was what we agreed and then you should do it.
So after another evening of grumbling during dinner, I took the bull by the horns and went to see her recipes together ... I couldn't have chosen a worse moment, because Jet was still completely in “everything is dirty mode” and called this so with every recipe I showed. Quickly but stopped and at another moment continued in good spirits. Unfortunately, there turned out to be few recipes that received her approval. I did see something change in her attitude. In my opinion she saw a little that she did disapprove a lot of things. So in the end we didn't really come up with a recipe book.

In the meantime, we still had “hassle” at the table a few times a week. Jet especially wanted a self-selected alternative to the hot meal. Often she wanted a sandwich, but we did not give in to this. She was always allowed to have a piece of fruit or cucumber or something like that after dinner. Because going to football practice with a completely empty stomach is of course also not possible.

Unfortunately it didn't get any cozier. Until last night; there was endive stew on the menu. Something that Kaat and Fien love, but that Jet had really never eaten a bite of until yesterday.
She asked me to split her portion into what she should eat and what she could leave. No sooner said than done and suddenly she started to eat ……. I was almost too surprised to say anything about it and thought too; anything I say now can make her stop.
When I complimented her after dinner because I thought it was so good that she had eaten, she was of course very proud. The penny had fallen! She said, "It won't help if I don't eat, because I won't get anything else anyway, so I'd better try this!" I could only say that I hope she remembers this and gave her a big hug, so proud of this lady!