After the wonderful holiday weeks, we have been in the school rhythm for a number of weeks. It took some getting used to for all of us, but the girls were ready for it. They had certainly missed their sports clubs. Wonderful that they can do their thing there again.

What we do have to get used to is that we have to pay more attention to our diet. While during the holidays an unhealthy meal was served more often, I now find it important again that we eat good and healthy meals again.

Before they even see the food, it already sounds “I don't like”.

Unfortunately, that is not always easy at home. While they always ate delicious as a toddler, all three of them turned a button around their 4th birthday. Before they even see the food, it already sounds “I don't like”. And unfortunately this behavior reinforces each other. Not really enhancing the atmosphere at the table and it certainly does not contribute to the healthy food they receive ...

With the start of the new school year, this started again so strongly that we applied a different strategy. We look together for healthy recipes so that they can see for themselves which ingredients are needed. By starting with at least 10 tasty, healthy recipes per person, I hope to get a little more variety in nutrition and of course to increase the atmosphere at the table!

You can read how that works in the next blog!