The first weeks have passed in a blur. I am floating somewhere on a pink cloud with brains that no longer function at all. I'm completely in baby mode. It's because of the hormones and maybe a little lack of sleep. Because feeding every 3 to 4 hours means that you also have to be ready at night. And since I'm breastfeeding, it all ends up on my shoulders. Well, not quite actually.
Because after a few nights 'the night routine' had already arisen for M. and me, what a golden duo we are! As soon as our daughter makes herself heard at night, M. takes her out of her crib and takes care of a clean diaper. And then he brings my dear daughter to me so I can feed. After feeding, hold her upright for a while until a farmer follows, then I put her back in the crib, put on a music box (especially for myself, what a lovely song) and then everyone in our family will hopefully continue to sleep. No problem for M., by the way, he is snoring again as soon as his head hits the pillow. For me falling asleep is also getting better. The first nights I lay like a watchdog, listening to every sigh, moan and cry. To then turn on the light every 5 minutes and hang over the crib to see if everything was still okay. I am now more used to the noise that my dear daughter produces, I actually find it reassuring.