The past few weeks have not always been a party, when it comes to the weather, but yesterday was such a wonderful afternoon. The children could go outside without a jacket and short sleeves. To complete the party, we went to see the young rabbits. About two months ago our rabbit Pip was allowed to “cuddle” the rabbit of Fien's girlfriend. This was under the watchful eye of the ladies, which of course was a hilarious scene for them.

Four weeks ago, 9 little rabbits were born, two of which were rejected by the mother. Of course, an explanation had to be given, that this is part of nature. But in the end, there are now 7 adorable little bunnies.

The girls could hold and hug them, and so did I. How sweet of those little rabbits, where 1 ear is still upright. Of course, the question arose whether we could not have one ourselves. That is actually not in my planning ……

After cuddling and cuddling with the rabbits, it was time to go home by bike. Quite a long ride for Kate on her little bicycle, but when the weather is nice everything is more fun.

While writing this blog I realized again how much we can learn from animals and nature. For example, the girls now know where little rabbits come from and they also know that in nature only the strongest survive. And the love for those little fluffy balls… that's the best thing about it!