Where the farewell to the teat one success story toilet training turned out to be less easy. After two daughters who were completely dry within a week, I started in good spirits last year during the Christmas holidays with Kaat's 'toilet training'. In the period before that she seemed to get some interest in the whole thing and she also participated in the toilet round at the daycare center.

Day 1 went fine, we thought. Nothing could be further from the truth, unfortunately. After that first day, Kate regularly had accidents, but it went reasonably well. That's how we get there, I thought. She put stickers when it worked out and then invariably asked the question: are you proud of me? Of course I answered: super proud! After a few weeks the news seemed a bit off. There were days when she had six wet pants in one day. Also when asked 'what are you doing behind the sofa?' Kate replied with a mischievous laugh. "Oh, I'm just peeing." You understand, that made me a little despondent. She also made a mess of it at the nursery. Every day we took a bag full of clean clothes to the shelter and we got a full bag of wet clothes back. I often thought, just put on a diaper again, but still… there were also good days in between!

Together with the teachers at the daycare, grandmother and of course my husband, we agreed that we would pay as little attention as possible to the 'accidents' and that we would only help Kate with changing her clothes, when this was really necessary. In addition, we continued to enthusiastically applaud her when it did succeed. Sometime in the spring, this approach seemed to start working a bit. Kate indicated more often that she had to go to the toilet and was therefore on time at the toilet.

Until the day when she thought she could make some demands at home as a toddler. And started enforcing her sentence in a different way. For example, it often happened that Kaat asked very nicely: Mommy can I use the iPad? And then the answer was no. Then she said with a smile; oops now i'm late. And she had wet her pants anyway. What a dragon!

But luckily there was the summer vacation. And it was over from one day to the next. It sometimes goes wrong, but after washing about 100,000 underpants (in my opinion), I am now SUPER proud of her!