It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. But of course there was plenty to do in the meantime. That is why I am back with a nice chat about me and life with our 3 girls.

Fien is now a real teenager, Jet a tough girl of 8 years old and Kaat is (often) a fun toddler. Kaat has been at school for six months now and is enjoying herself there. She likes working in the circle, but prefers to play in the corners. Cleaning up is not her hobby, but that has to be done from time to time. At her school there are certain rules and of course we have them at home too.

Structure and clarity
As a pedagogical employee I know how important clarity and structure is for children. But now I also know that at home, especially with 3 children, I have become a bit easier at it. As a result, these rules are broken a bit more quickly. For example, Kate was a bit rebellious recently and when I asked why she replied: “The rules of home are also so difficult. I know all those from school exactly! " Oops, a mirror was held in front of them again, because she's right; the clearer the rules, the easier it is to obey them! So we stick to the rules a bit tighter for a while, and eventually let go of this more and more 🙂

Do you recognize this too? I'm curious!