“Our oldest daughter Evy has been going to daycare since she was six months old. Evy was born 2 months prematurely at the time. As small and vulnerable as she was then, we wanted to make sure she was in good hands. We have chosen a day care center because you can expect professionals to work here who know how best to take care of your child. And we are very satisfied with the care we have received so far! ”

Fresh air is important to me

“Because we moved from the old location to the new Wiedewei location, we did not consciously opt for green childcare. But we are very happy with this, because a lot of fresh air is very important to me. Playing outside together and eating outside when the weather is nice. Isn't that the nicest thing there is for a child? They also regularly do fun activities. This month they have planted a number of vegetable gardens from the AH and they regularly watch how everything grows and blossoms. Super!

Our Wiedewei location in the community school in Kapelle is great! When the weather is nice, the children can go outside. The outdoor area is nicely decorated. There is plenty to do with bicycles, a climbing frame and sandpit with a real water pump. And is it a day less? Then the group goes to gym in the gym or read books in the morning in the library if it is still closed. We pick up Evy every time with a big smile and sometimes a comment such as "you are too early, I still want to play!" Our youngest daughter Sofie has recently joined the baby group at Wiedewei, we expect to be able to pick her up with such a big smile in the future.

Sofie now goes to the baby group and Evy is in the toddler group. Because the groups sit next to each other with glass walls in between, Evy can regularly check how her sister is doing. Evy can also give a kiss if she wants to. So even though they are in their own group with peers, they can always have a sisters moment.

Wiedewei is a daycare that you can safely take your child to. There are always the same faces that take care of your child and really know them. At Wiedewei your child can really be a child! ”

Ivana - mom of Evy and Sofie