“The continuity that childcare offers was decisive for us to choose this form of childcare. In addition, structure is provided and of course our children learn to play with other children here. We see this as a good preparation for primary school.

A pleasant, natural environment

Our oldest daughter Lieke plays at Wiedewei during the VakantiemiX. And Floor goes to Wiedewei's toddler group two days a week. When Lieke and Floor started at this location, it was not yet Wiedewei. We now see what a nice place it is. The large garden is a nice outdoor play area, which is also wonderfully shady in summer. If the weather permits, the children will picnic outside. But also playing in the mud when it rains is on the program. We think it is important that our children can play outside a lot in a pleasant, natural environment. In addition, the care for animals and plants is part of the day program, it is good that our girls learn that all this does not happen automatically. And that they discover what nature brings. The choice for our future child was therefore quickly made. We consciously chose Wiedewei again.

We are pleased that Floor's toddler group has a permanent team of two pedagogical employees who are very attuned to each other. Floor is therefore at ease and is always very excited to play with the children. You notice that they know your daughter well and that also gives us confidence as parents.

Wiedewei is a safe and trusted place, where there is a lot of attention for your child and where continuity is offered. The outdoor area is optimally equipped for children, so that they can have endless fun playing. ”

Jantien - mother of Lieke and Floor