Birthday girl!

Birthday girlThe last few weeks in our family were all about Jet's birthday. She was already 7 years old! To start with a cliché right away… time flies so fast. From that sweet little baby she has changed in no time (in my opinion then) into a big, tough girl. Anyway, back to the preparation: lists were made, invitations written, the cake ordered and treats made. All this anticipation makes a birthday really a children's party that you live towards together.

And then it finally happened.

Early in the morning we all stood at her bedside singing and then downstairs for the big present: a new bicycle. After a trial run through the street, she went to school on her new bicycle and of course there was a treat in the classroom. In the afternoon the visitors came and our birthday girl Jet received many more gifts. When Jet lay tired and satisfied in bed, all she could say was this the most beautiful day ever used to be. Part 1 of the mission was successful.

Our big, little girl fell asleep with great enthusiasm for her children's party.

But then there was a hitch… a fracture in the wrist.

On the eve of her children's party, Jet went inline skating. Unfortunately, this adventure ended in hospital, with a cast on her wrist. A huge disappointment of course, but tough as she is, she received the next one with a smile Jet in a castday some of her dear friends. Unfortunately not to party, but to tell them about her adventure in the hospital! Her arm hurt a lot less because of all those comfort gifts.

Jet is doing better again. She is now doing the biggest stunts with her plastered arm!

So you will have to be patient for my next blog….

… How do I survive a children's party !?