At Kibeo, your child plays every day in a pleasant and challenging environment. Even the little ones. Our baby specialists are ready for your child and ensure that your baby develops at his or her own pace. This way you can bring your child to the daycare with peace of mind. The pedagogical staff will be happy to show you and experience this for yourself during a no-obligation tour of a branch near you.

Lots of personal attention

Rick, dad of Kurt, about our baby group: “Kurt has been going to Kibeo since he was 3.5 months old. It is very nice that the smaller children are together in a baby group, our son can make contact with peers. This group is smaller, so that the children receive more personal attention. Of course you would like that as a parent! "

Kibeo Kuyperlaan Goes

Expert and trained employees

Our pedagogical staff in the baby group are specially trained to provide your baby with the best care. Through years of experience, our baby specialist understands your child well, translates the signals he or she sends and knows exactly what your baby needs. Personal attention for your little one is our priority; By describing what we do, responding to sounds and cuddling a lot, your child feels safe in the baby group.


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Alternation of resting and playing moments

We support the development of your child through small playful and varied activities, such as looking in the mirror, crawling over the mat or rattling with toys. Baby specialist Mariëlle tells more about this: “Every day we look together with you to see what your little one needs, because as a parent, you know the very best. Our activities are mainly aimed at feeling, tasting, seeing, hearing and discovering. ” In addition, our baby specialist often reads your child stories. This is not only fun, but it is also good for the language development of your son or daughter to come into contact with many different words.

Your baby naturally also needs to rest, so ensure sufficient moments of relaxation. For example after a moment of play or when we give the bottle. Mariëlle: “There are also regular moments that my colleagues and I all do in the same way, such as changing and putting it to bed. In this way we ensure peace for your child. ” By offering your baby what he or she needs, you will go home with a satisfied child!

Take a look inside a branch

Before you choose childcare for your child, it is nice to have a no-obligation look inside at a location. What will your child experience during the day? We are happy to work with you when a tour is available. Easily make an appointment for a tour!

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