Christmas break

After all the festive holidays, we start the first week of the year with a wonderful holiday. A nice week 'nothing is allowed, everything is allowed', we are all ready for that.

Today we met with the girls from Kaat's 'puff club'. Nine ladies with nine toddlers and their siblings. So a lot of fun! What started almost 3 years ago as a gym club, has grown due to circumstances into a group with a special, close bond.

We meet in a beautiful indoor playground with the idea that the children can play and that the mothers can chat in the meantime.

The first has certainly succeeded; all kids have a great time and go home tired and satisfied with red blushes on their cheeks. The latter is different. Although the mothers are enjoying themselves; go down the slide, watch the tricks on the trampoline, build towers, brush noses, mop up a drink and much more.

That catching up did not really work. That is why we are already planning the next date, without children this time?


Greetings Vivian