Meet Yojo

Yojo is Kibeo's kangaroo. Yojo, like most kangaroos, comes from Australia, far away, completely from the other side of the world. She came here because she is adventurous, loves games and likes to be around people. You will often see her when there is something to do. This is often during a market, a neighborhood party or an event, but also regularly at a Kibeo nursery or toddler group if there is something to celebrate there.

She feels completely at home here between people and especially children. She likes them. She also wants to be loved herself; because she likes adventure, but she likes to cuddle.

She doesn't talk, because kangaroos just can't. But of course you can talk to her, she likes that. You make Yojo very happy if you want to be friends with her.

Her favorite colors are bright orange and bright purple. You will always see her wearing a sweater with these colors. Her favorite food is, you won't believe it, apples. And her greatest wish? She really wants to be famous!

Do you know what Yojo really likes? Have your picture taken! If you meet her somewhere, she will probably want to pose with you for a nice photo.

Was there an event where you were in the picture with Yojo? You can find these photos on the facebook page of Kibeo.