From Wednesday 22 January, there will be a lot of reading aloud at the Kibeo childcare centers. That's when the National Reading Days will take place and there will be special reading activities for babies, toddlers and young children. Because reading aloud is not only good for the language development of young children, but also very fun and enjoyable.

The National Reading Days in short
The National Reading Days will kick off with a cozy Reading Breakfast on Wednesday 22 January. The Kibeo branches each give their own interpretation to the National Reading Days. For example, the mayor will read aloud at Kibeo van Halenstraat in Oude-Tonge, the children's mayor at Kibeo Julianastraat in Wissenkerke and Inge de Bruijn has been invited to Kibeo Klipper in Barendrecht. At other locations, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, parents or other special guests come to visit to read aloud, toddlers visit primary school to listen to a story with the toddlers or the children are allowed to come to daycare in pajamas to have breakfast together.
The book 'Grumpy Duck ' by Petr Horáček has been voted Picture Book of the Year 2020. This book is central to the National Reading Days that last until 1 February.

The importance of reading
At Kibeo we think it is important to read to the youngest children every day. It stimulates the imagination, develops the sense of language and gives children a lot of fun. We pay even more attention to this during the National Reading Days. Reading aloud is a party every time!