Our product developer Esther Caljouw has been put in the spotlight by magazine Margriet. Esther founded five years ago Dull Tutten on. Together with volunteers, she organizes events with a wink; activity and in Zeeland that at first sight seem dull, but 'that makes you happy'. That is why her portrait is part of the photo exhibition Gewoon Stoer !, with which Margriet celebrates her 80th anniversary. We are so proud of her!

Just Tough!
Because the magazine Margriet is 80 years old, they put 80 tough women in the spotlights. Women who inspire and make a difference. Women who put their heart and soul into a project. And Esther is one of them! We understand that all too well. Esther not only works hard on Suffe Tutten, she also always puts in 110% percent in her work as a product developer at Kibeo.