Welcome to Child Centers OBO

From 1 January 2020, OBO Child Centers and Kibeo childcare centers will enter into a partnership, whereby Kibeo will provide care for three locations of the West Brabant Public Primary Education Foundation (OBO).

Children and parents keep their familiar place. The pedagogical employees who know the parents also remain and the name KindCentra OBO remains. In this way, the transition from school to childcare remains as accessible as possible for children. From 2020, the options and rates of Kibeo will be offered.

The collaboration applies to OBS de Klimroos in Roosendaal, de Rietgoor in Roosendaal and De Baayaert in Wouw.

West Brabant Public Primary Education Foundation provides education at sixteen public primary schools in 5 municipalities in Brabant. OBO's vision is that schools, regardless of the variation in educational concepts, are at the heart of society. They have an eye for the interests of the parties involved and work in consultation with parents, welfare and care institutions.