From the age of 3 months, Lukas has been attending the daycare center at Kibeo Julianastsraat, Wissenkerke. He is now 2.5 years old and is having a great time. “When we park here, he's already floundering in his seat. He then thinks: I can go again! ”


Lukas makes contact more easily

We chose the daycare center because we don't want to oblige grandparents to be babysitters. In addition, we think it is important that Lukas, because he is an only child, is in a group where he learns to get along with other children. We also notice the effects of this at home, Lukas is very social and makes contact with other children more easily.

Learn while playing

What is also a great added value for us of the day nursery compared to grandparents or childminders is that they are well prepared for primary school. They work with themes and with Puk, a doll who experiences all kinds of things together with the children. You notice that certain themes really get through to the children.

Maarten Hozee, father of Lukas
Member of the Parent Council Location of Kibeo Julianastraat Wissenkerke