Jet's children's party

Yippee! Finally the time had come, the party for our birthday girl Jet! After 3.5 weeks in a cast and a few more weeks of careful use, her arm is completely healed again. After some talking back and forth, the auxiliary troops for the children's party of the century were also arranged again; nice to have 2 lovely sisters. One looks after Kaat and the other joins the party.

It was a beautiful day. Perfect weather for a party! 
In the morning I made all the preparations together with Kaat and after that Kaat went to play with a friend. At a quarter past twelve sharp, I was ready to go on the schoolyard… ready to party! All children ran out of school enthusiastically, at least they were looking forward to it!

When we arrived at home, the children flew into the garden. Relieve yourself from busy school life 😉 This is also a good tip: don't plan your party too tightly. Children often love to just play. After fifteen minutes everyone was finished and it was time for the presents. We turned it into a game, so you make time for every present. That way Jet knows from whom she received the gift and for the giver it is of course nice that there is some attention for his or her present. Also a top tip!Viv's blog

Time for pizza
Do you feel like pizzaaaaaaa !! The children began to cheer aloud, except for one child. She didn't like pizza. Oops what now, I didn't really have an alternative, yes a sandwich, but that is so sad. Does anyone have an idea? Make it a sandwich called Fien! So you see, it is always good to involve children in these “problems”, they are often much more creative.

Splash, romp and slide
With a full belly, we left a little later to our destination, a water playground at the campsite! The kids have been splashing, sliding and romping there all afternoon. Every now and then they came by for something to eat and drink and a chat. And we, we sat all afternoon enjoying the children playing and the sun, wonderful! Jet can throw a party for example.