I still have a to-do on my list and that is daycare. It is about time I started arranging this. I now work full time, but after my pregnancy I will work for three days. The grandmothers would both like to babysit for a day. For my mother already the fifth grandchild she will look after, but no less special. The advantage is that my parents already have everything. A bed, bath, high chair, dressing jobs, etc. For my mother-in-law the first grandchild, so she is completely over the moon and would love to experience everything from very close by. But then we still have 1 day a week left. And actually I don't want to be completely dependent on the grandmothers. Because grandmothers go on vacation or are sometimes sick. So I make a list of all childcare on the way from home to work. And then I check with friends who live in the area where they purchase childcare. Finally, I inquire with a niece who did an internship as a pedagogical employee at various reception organizations. After this research, 1 childcare emerged as a favorite. I send an email for more information and the next day I receive an invitation for a tour that I would like to accept. Because I still have to take some overtime from my work before I go on leave (secretly already counting down, two more weeks!) I make an appointment that same week.
I am received very friendly and after I have taken off my shoes I get a tour. Everything looks neat and tidy and the children also look happy. Because there are 2 pedagogical employees and 2 trainees at work, there is plenty of time for explanation without the children being bothered by it. I really have a good feeling about it, I want to leave Baby with these lovely ladies. In the evening, M. is also completely enthusiastic about my stories and together we immediately fill in the registration form. Check, again something that has been arranged!