I think childcare is one of the best ways of childcare. They provide structure, rules and are always there! We have started with flexible care. I work in healthcare and I have no fixed working days. I have now gone from flexible childcare to 3 fixed days, with the option to exchange days. This was more beneficial for me. An employee of the office really helped me with that!


'Indy always enjoys going to Kibeo Hovenierstraat in Colijnsplaat. She is angry when I come to pick her up, because then she doesn't want to go home at all. The employees are very sweet and good to Indy and they teach her to deal with rules and structure. Indy really has her own place there and loves it. The first year I really liked the back and forth writing. You can recognize your own child in the stories that are written, which is really nice to read! Now I regularly check Facebook to stay up to date. '

Saskia van Gilst - Indy's mother