Well prepared for primary school

At Kibeo, your toddler from 2 years old learns a lot in a playful way. The Toddler start Themes stimulate the development of your child and connect well with those of primary school. Your toddler learns counting, making friends, sharing and the songs we sing together stimulate speech and language development. A good preparation for primary school, with which we work closely!


Childcare Zeeland

Toddlers really develop their own character

Your child will quickly feel at home at our colourful, attractive locations. We have a lot of fun in our toddler group, formerly playgroup or crèche, and we ensure the right balance between activity and rest. At the end of the morning or the day, you can happily take your toddler home with you.

Are you curious where your child might eat, play and make friends? Make an appointment for a tour. We would like to meet you!

Childcare Kibeo

Municipal allowance

The government considers it very important that all toddlers have the opportunity to go to daycare with peers. This is good for your child's development as this is where your toddler will make friends, learn to count, sing songs and much more! In this way, your child will be well prepared for primary school when he or she turns 4 years old.

To encourage this extra, some municipalities compensate you for the costs for day care. This applies to toddlers who need extra support, as well as to parents who are not entitled to childcare allowance and therefore pay a monthly parental contribution.

Check under which scheme you fall