Where otherwise the coat racks are full of jackets, seats are occupied and it is a pleasant bustle, the pedagogical employees of Kibeo are only welcoming a few children at their locations these weeks. It is an unreal image and above all very peaceful, now that only children come to daycare for emergency care.

It took a short time to switch, when it was announced on March 15 that childcare had to close its doors for the time being. Who can still come and what are we going to do from tomorrow? Lieske Goudzwaard, branch manager at Kibeo Raamstraat in Zierikzee: “The first day was very quiet. So strange that the groups that were normally full of hustle and bustle and children playing are now empty. We got to work and gave the rooms a spring cleaning. If there are no children, we are mainly occupied with administrative tasks and we are already preparing themes. ”

Play, learning and development activities at home
For the children who cannot come to the daycare, all kinds of fun initiatives were quickly devised. Via the parent portal, parents regularly receive play, learning and development activities, so that the children are also supported in their development at home. Annemieke de Looff, branch manager at Kibeo Hovenierstraat in Colijnsplaat: “We made a bag for all the children in the daycare center, including crafts and a card from the pedagogical staff. We also occasionally post an idea to do with the children on Facebook. In this way we try to maintain interaction with parents and children. ”

Keep in touch with the toddler group
The toddlers in Nieuwdorp can also work at home. “The pedagogical employee at Kibeo Hertenweg has delivered to the toddlers work that they can do at home, a reading story and a talking picture. The toddlers have started working fanatically and really enjoy it. And not unimportantly: the toddlers also keep the connection with the toddler group. ” Let Natasja Oggel, branch manager Kibeo Hertenweg and Kibeo Prinses Irenestraat know.

Challenges, reading stories and dance videos
Debbie van der Laan, branch manager in Barendrecht: “We do a lot online for the children who cannot come to our branches. The pedagogical staff of Kibeo Hendrikse Akker, for example, post a lot of nice videos on their Facebook page. Children enjoy seeing the trusted pedagogical employee again! ” Numerous initiatives also pass by at the other Kibeo locations. For example, there are challenges with toilet rolls, storytelling stories, craft videos and dance videos. There is something for everyone. This way, the children can also enjoy the fun things they otherwise do at daycare at home.

Emergency shelter at Kibeo
The children who do come to the shelter are brought by their father or mother who works in a crucial sector. For them there is emergency shelter possible. Even if they don't normally go to Kibeo, they are very welcome on our groups.

Marissa Meijer, branch manager at Kibeo in Dirksland: “For the children who use the emergency shelter, we follow the daily routine as much as possible. Yet things are different than usual, with so many fewer children in the group. Everything is now a bit more easy and the children now sometimes have the empire to themselves. Fortunately, that turned out to be no problem, they actually enjoy that extra attention! ”

Important relationship with parents and children
Mirella Loch, branch manager in Mijnsheerenland notices that it is also quite a strange period for the children: “It is also a special time for the children. When the children watch videos showing their trusted pedagogical assistant, they react so enthusiastically and happily. We also hear that many children listen attentively to our reading stories and recognize the employees on the video. By keeping in touch with the parents and the children, we still remain involved with each other and we maintain that important bond. ”