Jayden has been going to Kibeo Hendrikse-Akker on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays since he was 7 months old.“Jayden and I are just the two of us, so I'm not only mum and dad, but also the breadwinner.”

000_9190Good for development

I preferred a day-care center to a host family. I think that a daycare center is good for his development. Our neighbor Quinten is 1 year older than Jayden. His parents had chosen Hendrikse Akker (formerly De Panda) as a day-care center and I blindly followed their choice. Because just like them, I also wanted the best for my boy. And this has been a good choice.

The girls are all TOP!

The staff is the biggest asset of Kibeo for me, with the organization behind it I have very little. The girls are all TOP (in capitals!). They know every child, even if it is not with them in the group. They live and think along with our home situation and are super involved, reliable and sweet to all children and parents.

“I feel safe when I leave Jayden at the shelter. For me THEY are childcare. ”

Bianca Kwakernaat, Jayden's mom