The last weeks of the school year are already over! Normally I always experience that last period as a hectic time, in which all kinds of things have to be arranged. But as everything is different this year due to corona, I experience this differently now; a lot more relaxed, that's nice!

This gave me more time to reflect on the final weeks of the school year. For Kaat the last weeks as a toddler and for Fien even the last weeks of her primary school time!
Where did the time go? I feel she has only just started school, or in fact… she has only just been born! We have experienced different phases, at home you gradually grow with your child, but when it comes to childcare and school, I think the steps are so big now and then!

As a baby, I confidently brought Fien to my dear colleagues at daycare. Here she developed into a fun toddler and when she turned 4 it was time to go to school. I really had to get used to this transition myself. New unknown teachers and no more 1 to 1 transfer during delivery and collection. Fortunately, Fien was doing fine, so I quickly got used to the new situation. The rest of the primary school period actually went by itself, the confidence in the teachers was there and Fien developed very well on all fronts.

And now we are at the beginning of the next phase… It is a bit exciting! On the other hand also full of confidence, trust in Fien and the children around her. We certainly owe this to the sweet and trusted pedagogical staff and teachers who guided her in this, what tremendous value they are!

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