Being pregnant is really the best excuse to get out of tedious chores. Everyone is very helpful as soon as they see your very round belly. A friend of mine says I should use this to the full 100%. According to her, you think back with longing to all that help when you - just given birth - are bumbling with a bag full of groceries, a crying baby and a pram that won't collapse. But then, according to her, no one will offer his help anymore. So I actually like it when a total stranger offers to lift my slightly overloaded shopping bag from my shopping cart into my car. Or my mother who comes by and starts ironing by herself. Or M. who says he will clear out the dishwasher.
By the way, that stomach is getting in the way of everything I do. I am happy with the tips from ZwangerTotaal and put them into practice as much as possible. For example, there is now a stool near the washing machine so that I can load and unload the laundry while sitting. I try to lift from my knees, first roll onto my side when I want to get out of bed and push myself up with my arms when I get up from a chair. It all looks laughable and not very elegant, but it helps.