As a parent it is quite difficult to make a choice for childcare. Because how do you know that the organization you choose for is of good quality?
Take a tour of a location, see how your reception cooperates with education or check which requirements your reception organization meets. This way you can get a good idea of what the organization of your choice stands for. At Kibeo we are very open about our quality and we are happy to tell you about it.

All Kibeo day care centers are regularly inspected and checked by the GGD.

In brief
General terms and conditions - Childcare Kibeo
GGD inspection

The municipality is responsible for supervising and enforcing the quality requirements for childcare, the GGD carries out these checks. They pay attention to, among other things, parental participation, the quality of the pedagogical employees and housing. It is also important to have and implement policy in the field of safety and health. All our branches are approved by the GGD.


Our pedagogical employees

Your child is literally in safe, professional hands. All our pedagogical employees have a child-oriented training. They are specialized in working with young children and all have a BHV diploma.

Security indoor and outdoor areas

You will only find certified game and use materials with us. Buildings, spaces and materials, including playground equipment, are regularly inspected by competent authorities.

Childcare Kibeo
Internal Childcare Supervisor

An Internal Supervisor (IB'er) Childcare can be deployed at all Kibeo branches. Childcare professionals make a major contribution to the care that Kibeo offers to children.

The IB Childcare supervises and coordinates the care for children and supports pedagogical employees in the supervision of children. To this end, the childcare worker works with the group for a number of hours, which can create a closer bond with both the children and the pedagogical staff.

The childcare worker also maintains contact with other (care) organizations such as the youth nurse or the CJG. In addition, the childcare worker ensures the translation of Kibeo's pedagogical policy into daily practice in the group. In this way, the knowledge of the pedagogical policy of the pedagogical staff remains up-to-date, which benefits the quality of the care.

Childcare Sommelsdijk - Kibeo
Kibeo Academy

We have our own internal training program; The Kibeo Academy. Everyone who works with us takes a number of courses every year, which deepen and supplement their professional knowledge. In this way we ensure that the group leaders always work with the latest insights about the upbringing and care of children. A number of these modules are mandatory under the Childcare Act, such as BedrijfsHulpVerlening, First Aid for Children, and Safety and Health.


We need data in order to properly care for your child; of you and your child (ren). We handle this with the utmost care. How we do this is laid down in our privacy regulations.

When you are less satisfied

Childcare Dinteloord - Kibeo

It may happen that you are less satisfied. Do you have a complaint? First discuss this with your Location Manager. If you cannot resolve it, please let us know your complaint via the complaint form. We handle your complaint according to the internal complaints procedure.

If you cannot find a solution with Kibeo, you can contact the disputes committee. In the Terms and Conditions of the sector is more information about the external complaints procedure.

Do you not have a complaint, but a signal or point for improvement? We would like to hear this. Fill us improvement form in.