Ladies run in Goes

Ladies run - KibeoAfter weeks of training, the Ladiesrun finally arrived last Sunday!

Hundreds of ladies and girls came together in the Omnium in Goes to put on a great performance. I was there too, along with my daughters, girlfriends, colleagues, running buddies and many other acquaintances, who are all moving so well and keeping fit. Because, in addition to the fun, that is the most important reason for me to keep running, to stay fit and to pass on the pleasure of sports to my children.

In recent weeks, as ambassador of the Ladiesrun, I had already trained a number of times on the course, and of course the girls also had to train at home. Clothes had to be selected and a spicy haircut put together, because of course they had to look super fast.Ladies run - Vivs blog

And then the moment came, after the starting gun the Little Ladies got off to a quick start. After more than 4 minutes the first girl crossed the line and soon after we saw our Jet arrive. Completely devastated, but euphorically happy, she crossed the finish line in 3rd place! Fien also came through her round nicely. The girls and I are very proud of their medals.

My day could not go wrong even before I even started. I myself crossed the finish line hot and sweaty after half an hour, I was also happy with my medal! The fact that we could eventually also collect the 2nd prize of the company run for dessert, on behalf of Kibeo, was of course great! I am very proud of my colleagues! And of course also on all those other, known and unknown runners, who have done well anyway, chapeau!