It's almost time! Our youngest offspring, Kaat, goes to primary school. She has already gotten used to it a number of times and already feels completely at home.
Next week she will say goodbye to boyfriends, girlfriends and of course all the sweet missies. A real milestone for her, but also a 'thing' for me…

After having had a child under 4 for almost 10 years, the school age has arrived for all. Many people then say: nice to have more time for yourself! I remember thinking that too when Fien went to school. We've had the busiest time. Nothing turned out to be less true, in my opinion it really started then.

Club here, sports competition there, going to swimming lessons or helping out at school with a craft morning. It all has to be done at set times and often it just doesn't work out. Of course as a parent you also have influence on this, but as an active, sporty mom I also think it's fantastic to see the girls so busy.

How cool is it to achieve something. This does not always mean that you win against someone else, often it is also a victory over yourself.
If you have practiced something very often, and at the moment of truth it works! Then your confidence will get a boost! And I think that's important for my children.

Of course I sometimes get the feeling of being a taxi driver in disguise. Especially when I have to get out of bed on Saturday morning at 7 o'clock. Sometimes I think, why am I doing this?? But when I see how they visibly enjoy and are really busy with their passion, then I know again where we are all doing it!