'I think the greatest asset of Kibeo is that it employs very good and fine leaders. They have a heart for their work and really care about every child in the group. The door is always open for questions and comments. My children really enjoy going to daycare. And that gives every working parent a good feeling. '

Tailored advice

'The customer relations officer was very friendly and took the time to give me all the information I asked for. She thought along in terms of possibilities and indicated all options that could be of interest to me. '

Flexible care

'Previously I only took fixed days. Nowadays I also sometimes use incidental purchase. Often it is not a problem if I need an extra half day or childcare day. I can easily enter or send an email. There is always a quick and friendly response. '

All three at Kibeo

'In the meantime, all three of my children are in daycare. The eldest, Justin, uses after-school care, where he is always kept busy with fun and often sports activities. My son Youri is still in daycare with my daughter Alyssa. The teachers have an eye for development. They see the strength of the two together, but sometimes they also take them apart on purpose. Which I really like! '


Xandra Quaak-van der Schoor - mother of Justin, Youri and Alyssa